In Rainbow Infinity the player takes control of a piano-like setup featuring eight lanes with incoming spheres and arrows that have to be warded off or avoided. Achieving high scores unlocks new levels with new game mechanics and music.

This was my second release of a self-developed game and this time - after Color Rush Ninja and multiple unreleased projects - I wanted to focus on shapes and motion instead of animated characters.

I began development with a simple endless game about deflecting spheres in mind but it morphed more and more into a kind of rhythm game that felt a bit like playing the piano (especially on a big tablet screen). Unfortunately due to engine limitations there was no way to fully synchronize gameplay and music.

Rainbow Infinity is still available on the App Store but no longer on Android.
engine:              GameSalad
platform:           iOS, Android
release year:     2016
link:                     iOS
my tasks:           self-developed
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