The Plantwormgame (working title!) is a puzzle game about growing and navigating snake-like shapes in small grid-based caverns and features a wide range of game mechanics.

It's one of two self-developed projects I'm currently working on.
Very early on I realized that iterative level design took a very long time with this project, so I decided to build my own editor (also in Construct 3) which sped up the whole process by a huge factor.​​​​​​​ The game mechanics are close to being feature complete and I've built more than 70 levels already. 

There's a password protected early production build on with the purpose of demonstrating some of the game mechanics and levels. The password is handed out on request via mail.
engine:               Construct 3
platform:            PC, Mac,
                              (iOS, Android)
release:               tba
my tasks:           self-developed

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