Cell was planned as an action puzzle game for iOS and Android where the player had to move in straight lines, collecting purple cell cores while dodging enemies. When finishing a level under certain conditions cell would transform into one of countless animals (or an "upgraded" version) that the player could collect.
Rocket Toilet Escape
Rocket Toilet Escape was planned as an endless runner for iOS and Android. The player took control of Toi and his flying rocket toilet, dodging enemies and upgrading their "aircraft" between runs.
People on Dinosaurs
People on Dinosaurs was planned as a minigame collection planned for iOS and Android featuring multiple small games centered around people and dinosaurs living side by side. In these minigames the player could collect meat and plants as a resource to feed and upgrade certain aspects of the games between rounds.
Astro Naut
Astro Naut was planned as an endless runner for iOS and Android. The player took the role of Naut, an interstellar explorer, running and jumping along on a variety of planets while fending off enemies with a bubble gun and collecting alien plants for science (and maybe eating).
Pocket Rocket
Pocket Rocket was one of countless game concepts I created for Newtronium. In this endless runner the player took control of a small rocket, cycling planets, doding obstacles and saving astronauts.
Space Hamster Odyssey
Space Hamster Odyssey was my second "proper" game project, started directly after releasing Color Rush Ninja. It was a level based shoot 'em up with the possibility to upgrade your ship between levels but never got beyond the early planning stages.
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