A Frog's Guide to Eating Flies is a puzzle game where the player has to eat all flies to clear a level as a frog with an extendable tongue.

It's my first slightly bigger released game developed for PC in Construct 3 (it's playable on mobile devices, too). The game started as a diversion to break out of the rud of my bigger projects and was planned as the first of a series of small puzzle games each featuring a different type of animal. 

The project grew slightly bigger than anticipated but the efforts were worth it in the end as player reception was great and people seemed to have a lot of fun with it (especially in puzzle savvy places like the "thinky-puzzle-games" discord channel).
engine:               Construct 3
platform:            Web
release year:      2020
link:                      itch.io
my tasks:            self-developed
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