Color Rush Ninja was a simple endless runner where the player had to survive as long as possible while dodging incoming blocky monsters and birds. It featured a few gameplay changing upgrades like double jump shoes, a hang glider and a katana that made it possible to fend off birds for additional points.

Color Rush Ninja was my first self-developed project and the first game I've ever released. It was fully developed and released in my spare time during the last year of my game design studies.

Over its lifetime it gathered close to 140.000 downloads but it was taken off the App Store in 2018 due to Apple's continuous purge of games that aren't updated for their newest hardware and me no longer using and owning a GameSalad license. In case you're interested there are multiple videos of the game on youtube.
engine:             GameSalad
platform:          iOS
release year:    2012
my tasks:          self-developed
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