Hey there, welcome to my lil' portfolio site!
​I'm David, a game developer from Germany, living somewhere inbetween Cologne and Düsseldorf. On this site you'll find excerpts of what I've been doing since I completed my bachelor's degree in Game Design at Mediadesign Hochschule Düsseldorf in 2012.

I've been drawing and creating games for as long as I can remember, beginning with drawing board games on paper and using RPG Maker 2000 early on as a child.

Since graduating I've been developing games on my own while also co-founding a game studio, Newtronium GmbH with five fellow graduates - which we unfortunately had to bury again in 2019.

Through developing games in a small team and on my own for years I've gathered experience in a lot of disciplines (ranging from game design, level design and visual scripting to art, animation and sound design), engines (Construct 3, Unity, GameSalad and Stencyl) and tools (like Photoshop, Illustrator, Aseprite, DragonBones, Spriter, Blender, Audacity and git)

I'm on the lookout for a small team that allows a certain fluidity in roles and tasks, playing to my strengths as a generalist and my love to pretty much all aspects of creative work and especially developing games.  My explosive creativity often unloads in scribbles, filling a paper within minutes with tons of ideas, sketches and concepts. 

If you're interested in my work or want to talk about an open position at your company, feel free to contact me and I'll happily get back to you.